Installing the Sails
October 9th, 2011
  • A Challenge of Its Own...
  • As much as the windmill assembly can be characterized as going more smoothly than I had expected, the installation of the sails can be described as being bumpier than planned. The entire assembly had been laid out and fitted on the ground earlier that day, and all of the holes drilled to precisely match.

    Unfortunately, once the spars and sails were aloft, they deformed slightly - causing the holes to misalign just enough. Fortunately, a heavy rubber mallet was available to bring even the most unreasonable component into compliance.

    In other news, some of our more diligent volunteers spent the morning polishing up a few handrails and glazing some windows while they waited for the sails to arrive on site.

  • Volunteers
  • This was indeed a red letter day for the project. Our appreciation goes out to the great volunteers that helped to leave the windmill standing tall.

  • Scott Hartman
  • Old Crab, LLC
  • Dean Golembeski
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Dan Gregory
  • United States Air Force
  • Katherine Gregory
  • Citizen of York County
  • Dan Smith
  • Colonial National Historical Park
  • Karen Smith
  • Citizen of York County
  • James Obernesser
  • York County Arts Commission
  • Wyatt Roman
  • The Watermen's Museum
  • Daniel Akers
  • Boy Scout Troop 123
  • Evelyn Akers
  • Jefferson Lab/The Twisted Oaks Foundation
  • Walt Akers
  • Jefferson Lab/The Twisted Oaks Foundation

    For additional information, please contact Walt Akers.