Relocating the Windmill
September 13 thru 19, 2011
  • The Big Move...
  • After nearly four years in Seaford, the time had come for the windmill to make it's way to the Yorktown Waterfront. Needless to say, such a move should not be undertaken lightly and we spread the activities over the course of a week --- and a variety of distinct movements.

    Our process began with the disassembly of the first floor.

  • Putting it all together... again.
  • Once all of the mill parts had been moved to the Watermen's Museum, we spent several long nights reconstructing the windmill from the ground up. Although we were on the site until past midnight on most evenings, the work remained fast paced, productive and fun.

  • Bringing the top down...
  • With the first floor safely installed on the beach, the last step was to relocate the cap, second floor and gear train to the installation site. Having rested on the parking pad for many months, the assembly had melded together and it took a little pulling to break it apart - and the hours quickly got long. Fortunately, one of York County's Finest was on hand to escort us down Route 17 through the night.

  • Volunteers
  • Special thanks to these volunteers who put in some really long (and late) hours to move the mill to the new site.

  • Scott Hartman
  • Old Crab, LLC
  • Dean Golembeski
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Marlene Golembeski
  • Patrick White
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Troy Mattox
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Ross Davenport
  • Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Lynn Gantt
  • Swing Electric
  • Nellie Gantt
  • Swing Electric
  • Deputy Mark Fahnert
  • York County Sheriffs Department
  • Dan Smith
  • Colonial National Historical Park
  • James Obernesser
  • York County Arts Commission
  • Evelyn Akers
  • Jefferson Lab/The Twisted Oaks Foundation
  • Walt Akers
  • Jefferson Lab/The Twisted Oaks Foundation

    For additional information, please contact Walt Akers.